About Selkirk House

Where luxury meets comfort

Our story

Nestled amongst the majesty of the Hermanus mountains, Selkirk House isn't just a guesthouse – it's a portal to unforgettable memories.

Our story began with a shared dream: to create a haven where luxury meets comfort, and breathtaking views become the backdrop for your perfect escape.

We are passionate about hospitality. For years, we've poured our hearts into crafting Selkirk House, a place where every detail whispers "welcome" and every interaction reflects our dedication to exceeding your expectations. We believe true luxury lies in the little things – the plush bathrobes waiting for you after a day of exploration, the meticulously landscaped gardens offering a tranquil escape, and the personalized recommendations ensuring you experience the best of Hermanus.

Whether you crave an intimate escape or a luxurious base for exploring the wonders of our town, Selkirk House is your home away from home. At Selkirk House, we don't just offer a room; we offer an experience. Join us, and let us create lasting memories that will have you yearning to return.
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